Tide jumps on the anti-sweatpants bandwagon

Is it ever acceptable to wear sweatpants in public? Shiners seem torn. But Tide has made a firm anti-sweatpants stance in their new commercial. While advertising their Tide-to-Go pen (which I have been obsessed with for years, by the way), they poke fun of a dude who tries to clean up his dirty pair and wear them out on the town.

With the inventions of pajama jeans and Snuggie outfits and the popularity of high-end sweatpants, I've begun to wonder: are we too lazy for real clothes? Though, yes, people are free to wear whatever they want, I imply a self-imposed dresscode: no sweatpants or pajamas out of the house. In fact, it's on my list of fashion trends I wish would die forever.) I would feel fine going to a drive-through window, or dropping kids of for school while wearing sweatpants, but I don't like anyone to see me "not dressed" outside of the home. One British supermarket has banned pajamas and all "nightwear" from their store, because they feel it is inappropriate. Yet, when I interviewed Leighton Meester of "Gossip Girl", a true fashionista, she swore that she lives in sweats. Hmph.

What do you think of Tide's new commercial? Where do you stand on sweatpants out of the house?