Tight Can Be Sexy but Not This "tight"

fashion photoI love a good pair of tights they are good for summer, work and a good night out. however the tights with patterns do not work for everyone because most people do not know how to wear them. one guy one said "girls look like they have a skin disease." Other guys advice that women look fabulous when they show off the skin on their legs. one designer one said "Ur best accessory for any outfit are your bare legs." Be advised tights with patterns are not all bad, its about finding a good pattern that goes with a good outfit, i believe you can be safe in your choice if you wear a closed shoe always. Avoid the crazy patterns at work, a simple one will add some flare, a night out with the girls try putting the tights with patterns on shorts or a plain micro mini dress with an empire waist. Fashion is adventures, individualist but there is a thin line between looking presentable, smart, sophisticated and looking like you have a skin disease.