Today in Madvertising: Should this Tom Ford ad have been banned?

Radar Magazine is reporting that the Tom Ford sunglasses ad pictured above has been banned by the Italian Advertising Institute (IAA) for its "explicit and provocative character," and because it "goes beyond acceptable limits for advertising aimed at the general public." Yet, somehow, other provocative images in the campaign-say, with a naked model ironing while a man sits by smoking, or yet another with a woman grabbing a man's package-were overlooked. Is this ad even good? Does it sell sunglasses? Does it make you feel sexy? To me-akin to the head-push-down maneuver dudes are so fond of-this poor woman looks like she's choking on a giant aggressive finger and is quite understandably trying to bite it off. Whatever. I am so beyond over this kind of misogynistic sh*t. [Radar]

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