Today in Photoshop: Gisele's pregnancy just *poof* disappeared!

So, Gisele's pregnant. She hasn't said it, but everyone kind of knows it's true. However, Gisele is also the face of raincoat retailer London Fog's fall campaign and the company, according to WWD, wanted to ramp up its image this season with sexy ads.

So what to do? Show a pregnant lady wearing a trench coat? Naw. Not steamy enough! Instead, London Fog put Gisele in some underwear, belted a jacket over her, took some pictures, and then airbrushed out both the underwear and the Brazilian model's entire stomach. The result, as you can see at left, is kind of...weird. Gisele's midsection looks creepily smooth, like Silly Putty when you first take it out of the egg, like a synthetic fleshy substitute that may not be able to lift images from newspapers, like a Ken doll's nether regions.

A spokesperson from Iconix Brand Group, the company that owns London Fog, told WWD that the campaign was shot a few weeks ago and Gisele's visibly pregnant tummy was retouched to "respect her privacy."

Really? Because having your underwear digitally removed and a sliver of a logo placed over your smoothed-out crotch is so private? Personally, I think it would've been badass and not so stupid, anorexic-fashion-industry-typical to leave Ms. Bündchen's very pretty, very tiny baby bump in the ad along with the very pretty, very tiny panties too. But that's just me. The ads will appear in the October issues of magazines like ELLE, Glamour, and Vogue.
Source: WWD, NYMag