Top 10 Fashion Trends Men Hate To See On Women

We received a fun press release this morning! Some website called performed a "revealing new study" on 1,564 guys aged between 18 and 30, and found-surprise!-they have some mighty strong opinions about what not to wear when it comes to the ladies. (Interesting, because we have some ideas about what they should avoid dressing in, too!) If you're in the mood to enjoy some mighty entertaining revelations, click through to check out what dudes really hate to see you stepping out in.
By Erin Flaherty for The Frisky.

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Splash NewsSplash NewsRihanna Style, Period: Ooooh, diss! Three in 5 men labeled her the worst dressed celebrity of 2009. Funny, most women we know would have said she was the best. So Mars and Venus!

Splash NewsSplash NewsUggs, Duh: Fifty-seven percent of dudes rated these the most hated item of clothing ever. We get it. Huge clompy boots that look like they were made for cartoon characters aren't attractive. Next.
iStockPhotoiStockPhotoNeon Anything: So random, but a whopping 73 percent thought the recent neon fashion trend moment blew the hugest chunks ever. Weird.

iStockPhotoiStockPhotoThe Color Pink: True, these hats are heinous, but that's not what this is about. The close second to hating on neon was the color pink. Huh.

Splash NewsSplash NewsJeggings: This stat kind of cracks us up: "Just over half of the men disliked the fashion phenomenon of Jeggings. Just 21% liked the look, while a third didn't even know what they were." Ignorance is bliss?

iStockPhotoiStockPhotoToo Much Makeup: While 68 percent of men said they were anti too much war paint, 20 percent said some makeup was better than none at all. Alrighty then. Good to know.

AmazonAmazonLeg Warmers: We were a little surprised to read that leg warmers were dissed by 30 percent. Interesting. They seem kind of cute and sexy to us.

APAPHarem Pants, Obviously: Thirty-eight percent of men said "Hell no" to harem pants.Yeeahhh, nothing's shocking there.

Crappy Tattoos: When it comes to ink, 44 percent of men weren't feeling the idea of tattoos on women because they thought either the designs sucked or were tacky. On the other hand, a third of the men liked tattoos and 23 percent said they could take 'em or leave 'em.
iStockPhotoiStockPhotoSkinny Jeans: OK, so guys said they actually kind of like these on women. However, self-loathing alert! "When asked what styles that men hated on other men, skinny jeans were rated top hated taking 57% of the answers." Actually, we're going to second that.

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