Top Ten Celebrity-Inspired Prom Looks This Year (guess who's #1)

Top Ten Prom HairstylesTop Ten Prom HairstylesIn my day, we girls didn't have the Internet Machine to help us find our dream look for Prom, and we had to walk a mile to school up hill both ways ;) Now girls can go crazy researching online for hairstyles, dresses, etc. Celebrity red carpet looks are a big source of inspiration.

This year's most popular looks are more diverse than ever (according to the stats from our web site), with Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon, leading the pack.

Here are the top ten most popular prom hairstyles we're seeing this year:

1) Adrienne Bailon in a wavy loose updo cascading down the back

2) Jessica Stroup in a very casual, '70's style updo

3) Eva Longoria in a romantic, victorian-inspired updo

4) Beyonce in a high-style retro beehive

5) Jessica Alba in low bun with extremely mod bangs

6) Nicole Richie in a unique boho braided updo (one of my personal favorites)

7) America Ferrera in a '60's inspired half updo (I love this one, too!)

8) Eva Longoria in a '60's inspired updo with sexy fringe

9) Lennifer Lopez in a very stylized high-fashion updo that makes me think, "Bond Girl"

10) Carrie Underwood in a graceful formal side ponytail

Let's face it: if these looks are good enough for the red carpet, they're certainly great choices for Prom. Many of them are fairly easy to achieve, also, especially compared to the complicated, over-worked creations seen in the special Prom hairstyle magazines one can pick up at the news stand.

Personally, I'm delighted to see girls expressing their personality by finding a unique look for Prom. When I went to the big night, all my friends and I looked like brides maids from the same wedding. Girls these days seem to understand that individuality and personal style are far more interesting and rewarding than trying to fit into somebody else's mold.

Here's some sage advice for the Prom-bound girl in your life:

If you're going for a high-fashion look like Beyonce's or JLo's
Take a picture to a professional hairstylist and let him or her do it for you

If you're doing your hair yourself
(or letting a friend, sister or mom do it)
  • Go for a simpler look that's easier to execute
  • Practice creating the style at *least* once before the big night
  • Resist the temptation to overwork your hair - you'll look better, feel prettier and be happier with your pictures if you look like *you* on Prom night
  • Your date will be dazzled by romantic, touchable hair - he'll be intimidated by a "helmet-head"
  • Simple touches like a small jeweled hair pin or headband can be all you need

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