Get a Total Body Lift in an Instant--No Effort Required

by SELF Staffers

Arthur BelebeauYou've sweat a lot to sculpt what you've got, so don't let gravity bring it down. Yes, skin loses elasticity with age, but upping your lean muscle helps keep things tight. Use the fashion magic below whenever you need an insta-lift, then turn the page for targeted moves that de-sag droopy spots.

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1. Breasts: Your miracle bra is one where the supportive underwire doesn't cut into your boobs, and the bridge that connects the cups rests flat against your sternum.

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2. Butt: Look for pants with back pockets that sit higher up--about 3 inches from the waistband. They'll make your butt look more lifted, too.

3. Arms: Seems odd, but flowy, blousy sleeves give the illusion of tighter triceps, whereas arm-hugging styles spotlight any jiggle.

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