Trompe L’oeil: 5 Fashionable DIY Optical Illusions

Trompe l'oeil (French for "deceive the eye") has long had a place in interiors. But it may be at its most accessible best in fashion. No, we're not talking about the sight-gag tuxedo T-shirt, but rather pieces that channel the style's playfulness in a chic way.

These projects start with clip art (drawn by artist Nina Chakrabarti, author of My Wonderful World of Fashion), printed on paper or heat-transfer sheets and end up adorning bangles, bags, T-shirts, and more. And they come together so quickly, you'll think they are sleight of hand as much as trick of the eye.

Shoe Clips

Change up everyday shoes by adding one of our four shoe clip designs to your favorite pair.

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Earrings and Gift Box

Create a new pair of earrings -- and a gift box to hold them -- in minutes.

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Wood Bangle

These bangles are decoupaged to look like rope, cord, or metal chain. The clip art is sized to fit particular bangle circumferences.

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Canvas Pouch and Tote Bags

Using our clip art printed onto fabric transfers, you can turn a plain tote into a witty style statement.

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Dress up children's (or fun-loving adults'!) T-shirts with cat's-eye glasses, a charm necklace, or a Peter Pan collar and placket.

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