Tube Your Lashes with Blinc, the Must-Try Miracle Mascara

Add this to the category of far-fetched product claims that are actually true: Blinc's run-proof, smudge-proof, flake-proof, water-resistant mascara. Rather than coat your lashes with a thick layer of paint, this wonder-formula creates tiny water resistant "tubes" around your eyelashes.

To get to those hard-to-reach lower lashes, try Tart's Bottoms Up mascara.

Having tried about a billion mascaras all promising miracles, I was skeptical. But surprise, surprise, Blinc delivered. My lashes look fresh and glossy all day, even making it through a hot-yoga class. And at night, with a little warm water and some gentle pressure, the "tubes" slide right off. Amazing!

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-- Laurel Pantin

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