TV Celebrity Hair Dos and Don'ts

Even though we know the actresses on TV have a army of hairdressers and makeup artists to make them appear virtually flawless, we can't help but envy the way the look on our favorite shows. Read below to get some dos and don'ts from the TV stars who turned heads with their hair this week.

DO have a go-to hairstyle. Our favorite Seattle Grace resident Meredith Grey has her signature wavy locks down to a science. Click here to see how you can get her look and save on morning prep time.

Experiment with the side braid. Although it may seem like a clear snatch from Lauren Conrad's usual updo, Heidi Montag of The Hills proved Lauren isn't the only one who knows how to do a good side braid. Click here for an easy step by step guide to get a side braid like Heidi's.

DON'T Forget half of your hair at home! NeNe Leaks sported a new weave on the reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it looked like a bob gone bad. Check out these tips to do short hair the right way.

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