Tyra Banks' Dead Fashion Site

Tyra Banks (in 2013). Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.Paging Tyra Banks! 2011 fashion is calling!

That’s about the last time, by all appearances, that the model and entrepreneur gave any love to her website, TypeF, which launched in March of that year with big promises. But now it languishes without updates, a veritable time capsule of two-year-old trends.

“Saying that I am simply ‘involved’ in TypeF understates how connected I am to this online experience,” Banks had told Adweek shortly after the launch. She added that the site would reflect her ideals of what fashion should be: “fun, fierce, empowering, attainable, aspirational.”

Falling under that rubric, according to highlights on the website today, are colored jeans, belted sweaters, a minimalist wardrobe and hair with “side-swept layers”—all tips from 2011, despite being relabeled with “2013” on the homepage. Other gems include a slew of Fashion Week slide shows (from 2012) and an undated slide show of coats featuring a pre-pregnant Kate Middleton.

The YouTube channel for TypeF, a property of Demand Media, has 12,000-plus subscribers and well over 1 million video views. But it hasn't uploaded a video since November 4.

So what’s happened here?

TypeF's siteA Demand Media spokesperson explained it to Adweek this way: “It’s a smaller site, and we produce a limited amount of content to it. We publish more of our beauty and fashion content to eHow.com Style.” The rep added, “We did have a partnership with Tyra Banks for the initial launch of the site. Since then, we’ve moved to a model across our content creation platform and our websites that focuses on integrating topic and digital expertise at the contributor level.”

Translation? Tyra's packed up and gone home.