You know how the first time you stepped into an Ugg boot and you felt like, "Oh sweet planet. This is the most comfortable thing my foot has ever experienced. Please let me somehow wear this everywhere." And you bought a pair and felt a tiny bit of shame. And then as they started showing up with shorts and mini skirts and sweatpants at airports (for that grown-woman-in-jammies look) and Jessica Simpson started wearing them to the grocery store while Nick Lachey bought beer and paper towels, you knew you and the Uggs could never be seen in public again.

Well, my friends, behold: The Ugg boot that is not ugly, in fact they're so sleek and covert, no one will even know about the internal sheepskin goodness. I like the brown leather version with jeans and a big sweater, but you could also go a little more artsy with the black suede ones and a pretty, flowy skirt.