Ugly Prada shoe #2: Marge Simpson footwear

via Shoelustvia ShoelustWe've always had a soft spot for "The Simpsons," but of all the awesome ladies on TV, Marge Simpson is not one we've ever aspired to look like. Nothing personal, Marge, but your massive blue beehive hairdo is just too high maintenance for us.

Marge Simpson would make a great Halloween costume though, and what better way to complete the ensemble than with these new trompe l'oeil shoe boots. They're the exact same shade of red as Marge's animated heels, and have an entirely costume-like feel with the flesh-colored fabric attached. Surprisingly they weren't designed by "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening-they actually walked the runway at the recent Prada fashion show! Seriously. Also: who knew Marge Simpson wore designer shoes!

This is strike two for Prada footwear. Their latest creation, a pair of $795 Prada Creepers, may be sold out everywhere, but we think the three-in-one shoes are hideous. But you know, some fashionistas think anything made by a big designer like Miuccia Prada MUST be cool, so these Marge Simpson shoe boots will probably sell out too. WHY?! And this isn't the first time cartoons have influenced high end designers. Sorry but if we see anyone wearing these not as some sort of costume accessory (though they'll be very pricey for that!) we will burst out laughing.FoxFox

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