Um, What? the Olsen Twins Made a Pill-Covered, $55K Backpack

By Lexi Nisita, Refinery29

Oh, those Olsen twins. You can always count on them for a good story. First, there was their $39,000 crocodile backpack (that sold out!). And now, a $55,000 backpack adorned with prescription pills. If you're thinking "oh, given healthcare costs in this country, that sounds pretty reasonable!" then prepare to be let down - you can't even use the little guys for your medicinal or recreational purposes.

Just One Eye has collaborated with artist Damien Hirst and MK & A's The Row to create these product-as-art packs, which represent, according to Just One Eye's website, "a fascinating study on contrast." From an artistic perspective, there's a certain flair, perhaps due to the commentary the pill pack (which is just one of a series including varied other polka-dotted versions) may or may not be making. But from a functional-fashion perspective? Unsure.

A portion of the proceeds go to UNICEF, so that's nice. What portion, you ask? Well, we had the same question when we called to inquire about the price, and were told that the donation amount is "at Damien's discretion." So...let's hope he's feeling generous?

Now, tell us the truth: If you'd just won the NYC Powerball, would you spend some of your winnings on one of these babies? Click here to see an entire video (seriously) about the $55K bag.

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