Understated Statement Pieces Guaranteed to Make a Splash

by Alison Syrett Cleary

It's hardly surprising that bright colors, loud patterns and flashy embellishments got really popular around the same time websites began documenting street style. There's so much pressure to get photographed at industry events that of course editors, models and bloggers have been dressing bigger and bolder. But with New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just a few weeks away, I'm starting to wonder if the look-at-meeee formula's going to crack. After all, more isn't really more if everyone's doing it.

I have a feeling this coming September, the show-goers that'll really stand out are the ones with quieter outfits that don't rely on gimmick-y extras to be good. Instead, they'll get attention for wearing something neutral in a interesting silhouette or a luxurious fabric; maybe their bag or shoes will have intricate little detail that requires an up-close look. If you'd like to jump on the trend before everyone else catches up, shop the 11 understated statement pieces in the slideshow above.

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