Unintentionally Hysterical: Zac Efron's Fashion Campaign

So guess who has a brand new fashion modeling gig? Zac Efron. Yes, Mr. "High School Musical" himself is the new face of John John Denim, and his first ad campaign for the brand is kinda funny in that "this-isn't-meant-to-be-funny-but-it-so-is" way. Basically, Efron plays a James Dean-type rebel-without-a-cause who hangs out in parking lots wearing leather vests. Oh, and girls fawn all over him.

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When I first saw the pictures of Efron in a muscle tank and tight jeans lounging in the bed of a truck with a harem of girls I thought, what year is this? Or rather, what decade is this? Efron, staring at the camera with crazy serious bedroom eyes, looks like something straight out of a 1999 Enrique Iglesias music video. It is 2012, right?

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Don't get me wrong -- I love Efron and applaud lesser-known label John John Denim for scoring a pretty big celeb for their campaign … but it just seems like everyone's trying a bit too hard. Like Efron is screaming, "Look at me! I'm a badass!" To be fair, he looks good (and oh yeah, the jeans are OK, too) so the campaign definitely succeeded in grabbing our attention.

What do you think? Did Zac Efron's fashion campaign leave you laughing -- or reaching for your wallet?

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