Update your closet, for (almost) nothing!

Want to breathe new life into your wardrobe for spring? Here's how to "shop your closet" and get more mileage out of the clothes you already have.

Refresh and Revive
First, know how to care for any pieces that might be stained, in need of a new hem or button, in need of a good airing out, or suffering from some other fashion ailment. Messing up a favorite piece with a common stain like red wine, coffee, ink or lipstick doesn't have to mean that you toss it to the bottom of your closet and forget about it forever. Here's how to mend your neglected pile, plus fight any stain.

Invest Wisely
It's not always cost-efficient to shop the sale rack exclusively, because you wind up with a bunch of clothes that don't really work together. Instead, get the most value for your dollar by thinking about the pieces you really need that will give you a lot of looks with just a few items. For instance, every woman needs: two pairs of heels, one black, one brown; a little black dress; no-iron cotton blend shirts. Here's how to find the best quality for the limited budget you have.

Mix and Match
Making a few simple tweaks to an outfit can really give it a completely new feel. Here are some great ways to approach your wardrobe with fresh eyes and try new pieces together.

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