User post: Beat the heat by beating that smell—ways to stay cool and fresh

For the last couple of days, summer has reared her ugliest head. The sticky, hot feeling that humid air leaves on your skin makes it nearly impossible to smell lovely for more than a mere moment. It seems as soon as you exit the shower, you are met with a thick haze hovering in the air. A clean body helps for a moment, but the moisture in the air turns it sour quicker than Paris Hilton can adopt another animal. Body odor seems to pick up quite a bit in the summer months and it's not coming up roses.

My college roommate from years ago came and visited my family over the weekend. We decided to brave the weather and headed to the local theme park. With temperatures hitting one-hundred degrees, enjoying outside has its limits. All the while enjoying the park, we drank water to hydrate and wore light clothing and flip flops to help not overheat the body. It was still quite warm. Waiting in line at rides while confined into tight spots with masses of sweating, dripping people can turn smelly quickly. What can be done about this smelly problem? Preparedness it the number one answer.

  • Take a shower: Please! During the summer months you sweat more, please clean the body more often. A quick dip in the shower or rinsing off with a wet washcloth can help detour smells.
  • Change clothing often: Cotton is the best fabric to mop up sweat other than any synthetic which holds onto the smelly sweat and keeps it near your body. It's almost like farting and instead of releasing into the air, the smell hangs around with you. Eww!!
  • Apply a deodorant or an antiperspirant: As easy as this is, many people seem to miss this concept. If you are one that has an excessive sweating problem, applying baking soda under the arms can help enormously. If you don't believe in deodorant, read the next suggestion. Apply underarms.
  • Fragrance splashes: These can work for men too. A light spritz of fragrance can help anyone smell better. Tote in your purse or bag for those times when you feel gooey. They can also be sprayed towards other smelly people (make sure they are not allergic first).
  • Hydrate: Drinking lots of water will help dilute anything in your system. From alcohol to garlic, consumption of certain foods and spices allows your skin to smell a certain way. If you drink more water, this will help flush the body of these toxins.
  • Ice Packs and Parasols: If you know you are going to be out in the heat for an extended amount of time, ice packs and parasols can help you beat the heat and beat the smell. Pack up a cooler with your water and ice packs. When you become warm, place the ice pack behind your neck or at the small of your back. This will help cool down the body. At the same time, a parasol or an umbrella can shield the skin from the rays of the sun and help the body not sweat as fast.
  • Personal Misting Fans: With a squirt of this, water and a breeze can help cool off your sweating face or body. You can also squirt others that are hot. You will become the favorite at any event!

Body odor does not smell good. It doesn't. Body odor is like trash that you empty into a trash can to be taken away. If you personally do not help control the smell, no one will.