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Many women are bothered with telangiectasia. You know those small clusters of veins showing through the skin, commonly known as spider veins. They are dilated and broken capillaries that lie just beneath skin, and usually appear on the backs of knees, cheeks, nose, thighs, calves and ankles. While this condition is not life threatening, it does have a cosmetic concern. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are large and more obvious. They are darker in color and bludgeon out of the skin. Additionally, they are sometimes painful and are generally associated with a circulatory disorder.

Causes of spider veins are attributed to a number of factors. They are more common as you age, they are genetic, if your family member(s) have spider veins, chances are you will get them too; and finally, they develop on people who stand for a long time. While these may not be the only factors they seem to be the most common causes.

Preventing Spider Veins

Relieve pressure by avoiding standing or sitting for long periods of time. While this may seem impossible at a desk job, consider taking the stairs or getting up to talk to your co-worker instead of sending an email. Also avoid crossing your legs while seated as this cuts off blood flow.

Keeps the blood circulating; running or walking promotes good circulation and strengthens the legs.

Support Hosiery - support hosiery has come along way and is not what it used to be. They come in all styles and are just as fashionable as regular nylons. Support hose promotes circulation and provide a light compression.

Reducing the appearance or eliminating spider veins

There are three treatments available for spider veins they are: Sclerotherapy, laser or a topical cream. Sclerotherapy is an injection of a solution administered into the vein thus forcing it to collapse.

DIY treatment is a lotion or cream enriched with Vitamin K. The use of Vitamin K to promote the healing of skin is well documented, dating back to the early 1930's. When applied to the skin, this vitamin reportedly helps support healthy circulation of the capillaries and veins directly under the skin's surface. Additionally it is helpful for bruising and dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K has been used for years by leading surgeons and dermatologists during surgeries to promote healing. While vitamin K creams were once only available through your doctor, they are now available through various beauty outlets.

Among most advanced spider vein creams! 8% vitamin K serum - highest of any spider vein treatment. Reduces spider veins, vericose veins, redness, and helps surface bruises heal faster.

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