User Post: How do you really feel about socks and sandals?

Lots of Socks and Sandals-
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:37 PM EDT

I used to laugh when mom would team a pair of socks up with sandals. She loved wearing white socks with her sandals and they weren't Birkenstocks. She wasn't some 'hippie' free lover whom shopped at health food stores, ate only organic products and let it mellow if it was yellow and flushed it down when it was brown. She didn't like her toes to be cold. After years of pleading my case against wearing socks with open toe shoes and walking ahead or behind her while out, she stopped. I had won this fashion argument and she came to thank me for it.

Today it is actually a trend. Models walk down the runway in them and many fashion blogs promote the product. It's understandable that fashion moves. One day women are cutting their bangs, curling them upwards and spraying so much hairspray on them, open flames should be avoided. Then next, the look is met with a scorned look and knowing laughs with friends. Fashion changes forms and looks constantly. This year white sunglasses seem tired but next they will be roaring back.

But, this trend of pulling on socks and then slapping a pair of sandals over them? Not certain I will take part.

What's your take on this trend?

Are you wearing it? Will you wear it? Will you laugh at someone who wears them?

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