User post: Jumping on the Grapefruit Band Wagon

Ok, so I'm finally jumping on this wave of grapefruit-infused products. I've said before that I've tried almost all of the AFFORDABLE acne products on the market today. I have seen this product on the shelf for a couple of months now. And I was like, eh...

Well, I'm a guppy when it comes to buy one, get something frees and I saw this one the shelf selling with free MoistureShine gloss, also from Neutrogena. Done and done. Used it THAT night.

I was surprised about how gritty it was. I was really worried I would dry up like a raisin after using it one time. The scent also wasn't exactly like grapefruit. Almost like a fruit cocktail. But still refreshing.

Regardless, this product works great for me as a daily wash. I have SUPER oily skin. So I think it would only work as well if you have skin like mine. If you're skin in sensitive or dry - do NOT use this product.

For me though -- it's great! And I LOVE using it in the morning because it wakes me right up. (and the lip gloss, might I add, is amazing as well!)

So, do you guys use any other grapefruit products? Do they work well?