User Post: My hair vs. Texas heat and humidity.... and I WIN!

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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:52 PM EDT
I live in Dallas, TX, so beating the heat and humidity here really isn't an option. In fact, when I read this assignment to my husband, his answer was "stay inside." Touche. However, being a mom of a 1 year old requires me to constantly be out and about, looking (sometimes desperately) for activities to keep my little busy body busy. I know alot of moms who come to playdates and parks and storytime just as they are, and I can't blame them one bit. It reached 105 degrees multiple days where I live, and heck, getting anything done on days like that is applause worthy. That being said, I refuse to be the smelly mom with the smelly kid. I try my best to always take a shower before I go anywhere, which is usually pretty do-able. Its the next part that gets tricky. I rarely have time to fully get ready, and if I manage to do so, the heat and humidity zap my effort as soon as I'm out of the house. My main problem is my hair. Its long and slightly wavy and thin-ish. I have several cowlicks, which, sadly, my daughter inherited. My seemingly no- fail solution is this: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Its a miracle worker and the price ($16) fits reasonably into my budget. Honestly, though, I would pay much more. My secret was learned from Cosmo years ago and adapted by trial and error. After showering and combing my hair, I run a small pea size dab of the serum through my wet hair. I then blow dry, upside down, until my roots are dry and my ends are maybe 75%. Once done, I separate my hair in two sections as if I were about to put pigtails high on top of my head. Next I twist each side loosely (loose is the key to not having flat roots) and inward into a bun. Then secure each bun with with a clip or bobby pin. A minnie mouse look is what you're going for here. Once done, I proceed to chase my daughter around the house, dress her, pack her bag, and hurriedly do anything else that needs to be done before I brave out into the sweltering sauna that is Texas. Right before I Leave, I unclip my hair, rub another pea size dab of the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum (who wouldn't like something called "super skinny?!) between my fingers and shake out my soft waves. The serum combats frizz like a champ. My hair is left super soft and super skinny, but not flat. I find that doing the Minnie Mouse buns instead of one bun is the key to a natural looking wave. You also come out with a beautiful Farrah Fawcett effect because twisting inward sweeps the hair away from the face. I even use this method on date nights with my husband for a romantic wavy look. He loves it, and always compliments my soft and silky hair. I even noticed he has started using my serum, as he has wavy hair also. Just don't tell him I told all of you that!