User Post: Quick Style Guide: Pattern/Print Mixing Made Easy

Are you as obsessed with pattern/print mixing as I am? I love looking through my favorite blogs & magazine to see how they mix florals, prints, and patterns together! But when it comes to wearing it myself, I get stumped. I'm afraid I'm going to look stupid or just plain confused about what to put together.

Well I've conquered my fear a few times and found some laugh proof (and EASY!) ways to mix patterns!

1. Mix your print with stripes!

Your stripes can be used as a neutral. Try something easy like a black/white striped shirt and pair it with any kind of print. You can't go wrong! Add a striped cardigan on top of a printed dress. Accentuate a printed top with a light weight striped scarf. Or pair a striped top with printed bottoms. Find a striped item that has the same colors as your print. Staying in the same color family ensures a more cohesive look! EXAMPLE: If you have a Navy/Red striped shirt, add a red based print skirt.

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2. Pair your pattern with polka dots!

Just like stripes, use your dots as a neutral. The print and dots should also be in a similar color family. (Unless you're really bold and mismatch on purpose!) Since you've got two "patterns" going on the matchy color scheme won't look too preppy, just chic! Neutral (black, white, brown, tan) based dots are an easy way to start! Dots have the same principle as stripes. Whether the dots are on a skirt, shirt, cardigan, dress, or blouse, pairing them with a patterned print or floral print is an easy way to get into the mixing trend.

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One last safe bet:

Pairing your stripes and dots! If they are in the same color family/same color, it is completely chic. What's prettier and more classic than black/white polka dots and stripes!

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See mixing is easy! Remember to use your stripes or dots as a neutral and stay in the same color family. You'll be a mixing pro in no time!

Michelle, The Fierce Glamour