User Post: Wear Neon Without Looking Like an 80′s Movie Extra

When you think of NEON, what comes to mind? The 80′s of course! Big hair and neon everywhere!

80's neon

Well, neon colors are back this summer with a vengeance! Big name brands like Burberry Prorsum, Jil Sander, and Max Mara all included neon on their runways for S/S '11! Wearing this trend isn't easy though. Do you really wanna look like an extra from Valley Girl?

That answer is NO. Here are a few tips to wear the Neon trend and not look like you stepped out of an 80′s music video!

  • DO use NEON in your cosmetics! If you're not ready to wear neon colored clothing, incorporate the trend in your lipstick or nail color. Try a bright hued lipstick. Stila Cosmetics has some great long lasting lip color in shades like Exhilarating (a hot pink) and Outrageous (a neon coral).

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

China Glaze Nail Polish has enough Neon shades to blind you! Their new Island Escape collection is has the perfect neon shades!

island escape

image via China Glaze

  • DO wear only one neon item at a time! Wearing a neon skirt, neon shoes, neon accessories, AND neon lipstick is overkill. This kind of combo equals 80′s. Wear only one of these items to prevent a electric clown look!
  • DO incorporate neon with accessories! From a ring to earrings to a bracelet, a little neon goes a long way. Try a bright belt, bag or pair of shoes for a fun touch with out much commitment!neon

Neon Accessories by FierceGlamour featuring neon necklaces

Jessica Simpson leather sandals, $89, Wet seal shoes, $13, Shoulder strap handbag, $38 Golden Classic metal watch, $28 Puma digital watch, $50 Karen Walker cuff bangle, £25 Long earrings, $88 Crystal bangle bracelet, £57
Rue21 neon earrings, $5.99 Beaded bib necklace, $24 KidViskous diamond jewelry, $60 Tarina Tarantino mod jewelry, $75 KidViskous neon necklace, $40 Hair bow accessory, $5.99 Neon belt, $13 Rue21 hair bands accessory, $3.99 Wet Seal neon sunglasses, $8.50 Neon Jute Moccasin, $40 Neon Wrapped Bangles, $25

  • DO pair your neon with a neutral colors! Black, White, Brown, Tan, Cream, and navy are all considered neutral colors! Pair any of them with a bright item and you're right on trend! A simple neutral with a pop of neon creates a flawless look. "The neutral grounds the bright fluorescent color accenting the ensemble." (Pretty Shiny Sparkly) EXAMPLE:

NEON (Copy)(See more of this outfit tomorrow during Bloggers Do It Better)

Remember pair it with neutrals, add it in accessories, or incorporate it in lipstick/nailpolish!

Whatever way you choose, wear your brights with pride!

Neon is in!

Michelle, The Fierce Glamour