A Valentine's Bow Tie for Your Handsome Little Heart-Breaker

A dashing look for Valentine's Day.A dashing look for Valentine's Day.Dress up your smallest sweetheart with a swanky-looking bow tie for Valentine's Day. Doubling up the felt gives it a nice structure, and because felt doesn't fray, you don't have to worry about finishing seams. It sews up really quickly and adds a sweet punch to a Valentine's Day outfit!

What You'll Need

4" x 5" piece of red glitter felt
3/4" x 4" piece of red glitter felt
sewing supplies, needle and red thread
safety pin

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1. Fold the 4" x 5" piece of red felt in half lengthwise so that the glitter side is out. Cut two heart-shaped scallops into the ends of the folded felt.

2. Sew all along the edge.

3. Prepare a hand needle with red thread. Pinch the bow tie to create a dimple by first folding in half lengthwise, then folding back again in an accordion fold. Hold the pinch in the center and run a thread through the folds to hold in place. Tie off and cut.

4. Wrap a piece of 3/4" x 4" around the center of the bow tie, overlapping the ends in the back. Hand stitch closed.

5. Use a small safety pin to attach the bow tie to a collared shirt just above the top button hole.

-By Marigold Haske

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