What Would a Vamped-Up Kate Middleton Look Like? Donatella Versace Has Some Ideas

by Fawnia Soo Hoo

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Last fall, rumour rumor had it that Kate Middleton's style was about to get quirkier. But instead, will it get vamped up? Well, if Donatella Versace has anything to say about it, then--yes.

According to The Sunday Times via Grazia, the outspoken, envelope-pushing designer shared her wish to see the Duchess rocking some of the sexed-up Greek-goddess gowns from the Atelier Versace spring 2014 collection. Why? "She can wear anything because she has a fantastic body," Donatella said at the Atelier Versace show during Haute Couture week in Paris.

While we do agree that Kate wears an evening gown like it's no one's business--and she's not afraid of experimenting with (appropriately) edgier looks and designers--we're not quite sure she'll be hitting the red carpet in a J.Lo-esque cleavage-and-thigh-baring confection any time soon. (Plus, she does tend to stick with homegrown British labels.) BUT, never say never. If K.Mid were to splash out in something a tad more sultry than her usual fare, maybe it could be one of these looks from the Versace spring 2014 collection? With a few modifications, of course.

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Just sew up that side slit, bring up the neckline, and definitely add in an opaque slip underneath. Kate does look lovely in blue.

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The new mom did make her post-baby debut in a stunning gold gown...

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A cutout, sheer paneled bondage dress is probably pushing it, but the long sleeves are very princess-like, and lilac would be so flattering on her.

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Throwing in a wild card here. Every once in a while, Kate likes to experiment with a bold and vibrant print, so how about this fairly chaste graphic ensemble for a less formal occasion? (Again, just with that front slit sewn up a bit.)

Do you think Kate would ever wear Versace? Which look would you want to see her in?

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