Volumized Lips

Alicia KeysAlicia Keys. Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImageGET THE LOOK : Does it reallyhave to hurt to be beautiful? Not if you take a tip from Alicia Keys, who maximized the fullness of her pout and sexified her kisser...minus the sting of lip plumper (that works by irritating lip skin with hot pepper extracts).
INSIDER TRICK : Keys contoured her lips the same way you'd contour your cheeks. Line lips with a fine-point pencil a shade darker than your lips' natural color. Fill in the corners of your upper and lower lips, which makes them recede into the background to create dimension. Then apply a generous coat of shiny lip gloss one shade lighter than your natural lip color on the center of your lips, which attracts light and accentuates the fullness and "kissability" of your pucker.
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-Polly Blitzer

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