Want to Shape Up Your Brows?

Photo via www.meganfoxdaily.comPhoto via www.meganfoxdaily.comIf you've ever felt pangs of jealousy over Brooke Shields' brows, you'll be happy to hear that Uni.K.Wax centers across the country are offering a new "Celebrity Brows" service, where their experts will give you the star brows of your choice. (Apparently Megan Fox and Natalie Portman are the top requests. Sorry Brooke.)

Not ready to break the bank on your eyebrows? Check out our cheap trick to save on brows.

But before you rush out to book your appointment, consider the advice of all the zillions of makeup artists we've interviewed over the years-and that's that copying someone else's brow shape is never flattering. The key is finding the right shape for your face...using these top pro tips:

1. Know the beginning and the end. You've heard of that old pencil trick-but have you actually ever tried it? Hold the pencil
vertically against the side of your nose until it intersects your
brow-that's where the edge of your brow should begin. Then, tilt
the pencil diagonally so that it hits the outer corner of your eye-that's where your brow should
end. (We like to mark the spots with an eyeliner just to be sure we don't over-tweeze.)

2. Funny faces make for funny-lookin' eyebrows. We don't know why we want to contort our
faces when we tweeze, but we've learned to keep a straight face-because without one, you'll
distort the shape of your brows and end up with a mismatched pair.

3. Always do your shaping in front of a regular mirror, not a magnifying one. Or you will tweeze
your brows away to nothing. Trust us.

4. Resist doing a complete brow overhaul. The goal with tweezing is to refine what you go, not
reinvent yourself.

Still yearning for more tips? Watch our beauty 101 video on defined eyebrows.

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