Want an Unboring Way to Wear Your Hair Down to Your Next Holiday Party? Steal This Cute Idea from a Victoria's Secret Model

by Beth Shapouri

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesVictoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson has gone and found a cute way to wear your hair down for you. So nice of her!

Last night she showed up to the UNICEF Ball with her hair all sleek and tucked behind her ear on the left side. Then on the right? Her front pieces were pinned so they fell slightly under the rest of her hair on that side.

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I'm pretty sure it's pinned there as opposed to tucked behind her ear because it's not pushing the hair falling over it back that far--a proper tuck would set all her hair off her face.

Nice subtle move there, and all you need do to pull it off is take the very front inch or two of your hair, pull it under the rest on that side, and pin underneath so it doesn't show.

Simple, cute, and holiday-party-worthy. Any of you going to try it?

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