Wardrobe Malfunctions: How is This Still Happening to Celebrities?

by Amy Wicks

Getty Images Getty Images My least favorite fashion phrase of all time is "wardrobe malfunction," and there are a few reasons for this. First of all, I think it's terribly overused (can't we think of something more creative?). Also, as someone who's never suffered one, I simply don't understand how celebrities continue to fall prey to these sartorial mishaps on the red carpet. Are they getting ready in the dark? Is there an underwear shortage I'm not aware of?

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This is on my mind, since Eva Longoria suffered a fashion faux pas on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday. She was holding the bottom of her long, pale green dress to save it from rain puddles, but then she raised the dress too high and photographers caught her without underwear.

The next night, Eva tweeted: "Here's my dress for tonight! No wardrobe malfunctions tonight!!!" She is obviously a great sport about the whole thing, but couldn't this have just been avoided if she had worn underwear? Would we all be so offended if we spied a panty line?

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I don't mean to single out Eva in this post: The same goes for Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, and any other actress who's recently been tagged with that terrible "wardrobe malfunction" title after being caught in a revealing photo.

Let's discuss this sartorial situation: Is there any dress in your closet (or on your wish list) that's worth going commando for? Am I being too heavy-handed, or would you also like to see this phrase go into the fashion morgue?

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