Watch Out Kate Middleton, You Have Royal Competition! the Queen is a Handbag Trendsetter, Apparently

by Danica Lo

Getty ImagesGetty Images Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton may be able to shift thousands of pairs of shoes or sell out an entire run of cocktail dresses with a single appearance, but it seems like Kate's got some unlikely competition in the realm of fashion influence.

According to a report in British Vogue, the Duchess' grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, is a serious trendsetter when it comes to accessories--namely, handbags.

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So much so that sales revenues at Launer, the luxury handbag company that's the Queen's absolute favorite--she's carrying the brand's signature "Sofia" shoulder bag, above--have shot up more than 50 percent over the past year. It's the company's most successful year, ever.

"Launder continues to embrace more color and design-led collections more than ever before," CEO Gerald Bodmer told Vogue. "Sales in colorful handbags have exploded both domestically and internationally this year."

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Spokespersons at Launer attributed the rise in sales to the Queen's new penchant for handbag variety. Whereas she'd previously only carried more traditional top-handle structured styles, this year, she's been experimenting with different silhouettes and colors.

What do you think about the Queen's tastes in handbags? Check out Launer for yourself and tell us what you think!

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