We Tried It: Essie's Day-glo Nail Polish

000_0005 1.JPGEssie Nail Polish in Bright Tights, $8 (available in September)

"Nail polish this bright gets a lot of attention--the entire time I had painted tips, I couldn't get through a conversation without someone saying, "Whoa, your nails!" Still, I loved having pumpkin-y claws! The neon color lifted my spirits every time I caught a glance and surprisingly, the shade went with almost everything I wore. (Well, when it clashed, it clashed in a good way.) I felt hip, happy and confident--who knew you could get so much from a bottle of Essie nail polish? This hue isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're into juicy citrus colors, definitely try a splash of orange on your nails!"

Buy or Bag? Buy!

--Andrea Bartz

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