What You Wear Could Be Making You Tired

Natural Ways to Look Less Tired
Some people regulate their sleeping patterns and eating habits, yet they still feel tired some of the time. Did you ever think that something you may be wearing can be making you feel fatigued? Studies show that comfort and color are factors in clothing that may be making you feel the way you feel.

It may sound funny, but wearing clothing that is too comfortable can have a negative impact on your mood. When you put on baggy clothing, or clothes that have stretch material, it makes it easier for the body to move into a more relaxed state. This causes bad posture and excessive slouching, which can also strain your joints and muscles while they are trying to get oxygen through your body. All these factors can contribute to overworking your body, and making you feel more exhausted than you may normally feel. When you dress up, your confidence improves, resulting in an improvement in posture. These little changes can contribute to healthier living.

Color has a major effect on your feelings of fatigue as well. Darker colors, such as black, navy, and brown, tend to stimulate the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical that can make you feel tired, and the more dark colors you wear brings on more of this sleepy feeling. To suppress melatonin, try wearing bright colors that fight this chemical, such as white. White clothing contains serotonin, a chemical that fights to suppress melatonin, giving you more energy and putting you in a happier state. Yellow clothing is said to help stimule the brain and positive thinking, which also helps to increase confidence.Another good color to wear is red, as it helps to stimulate adrenal glands and helps get blood flow going.