Would You Wear Donuts on Your Boobs? If Rebel Wilson Says So!

Rebel models the cupcake shirt.Actress Rebel Wilson burst on the Hollywood scene as Kristen Wig's bitchy roommate in Bridesmaids ("At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book") and showcased her comedy chops as Pitch Perfect's Fat Amy. ("Why do you call yourself Fat Amy?" "So twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back.")

On Sunday, Wilson added fashion designer to her list of talents, via Twitter announcement. "If you need some cupcake or donut power in your life, check out my t-shirt experiment site: fatmandi.bigcartel.com."

The Fat Mandi line, named for one of Rebel's sketch comedy characters, features two t-shirts: one with donuts and the other with cupcakes with both pastries placed strategically over the boob area. But sorry "twig" ladies, these shirts only come in size 12 and up.

Great, now I want a cupcake.Rebel recommends the shirts are great for "bludging on the couch." [Ed note: bludging is Australian slang for relaxing or vegging out. Add that one to your vocabulary.]

Earlier this year, American Eagle raised eyebrows when they announced they'd be bringing on GIRLS' costume designer to create a line of underwear for the brand. Wearing underwear inspired by funny girl Lena Dunham is one thing, but do you have the sense of humor to wear donuts on your boobs?

Wilson fans were excited about the shirts- writing "I love Rebel!" "She's a hoot, good for her!" on EW's PopStyle blog. One even expressed her disappointment that the shirts only come in larger sizes. "I like her and I would LOVE to have the cupcake shirt but I'm a medium so no go for me."

We say to that commenter, girl, go for it. This writer plans on wearing her XXL cupcake shirt to the gym. Yes, I am wearing a cupcake shirt on the treadmill.