Would You Wear a Face-Kini?

Floppy oversized hats, top-notch SPF sunscreen, beach umbrellas -- there are a million ways to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, but we bet you've never heard of this one: the face-kini. All the rage on the beaches of China, the face-kini is a protective head mask that guards the skin from the sun. (They also protect against insects and jellyfish.) Face-kinis come in a variety of styles, cost less than $5, and are also often paired with full bodysuits.

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While we feel strongly about protecting your skin, we have to admit the face-kini is kinda scary. It makes the wearer look like they're staring in a horror movie, a la "Chainsaw Massacre." And while we're sure there are benefits to wearing these creepy masks, something tells us American women would rather slather on the sunscreen than put a face-kini on. We don't see this trend catching on anytime soon … but then again, who ever thought neon would come back in style?

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Would you wear a face-kini? How do you protect your face from the sun?

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