How to Wear a Tight Dress Spanx-Free

by Jaclyn Emerick

Models: George Chinsee, Gammo-Rahpo/Getty Images, Robert MitraModels: George Chinsee, Gammo-Rahpo/Getty Images, Robert MitraYou will feel confident in the new body-conscious dresses with these better-than-spandex tips.

The Look: Formfitting. Some say painted on. But the clingy silhouette is deceptively demure with the season's signature long sleeves and hem that hits just above the knee. Prim fabrics like lace and brocade keep it classy. Solids are less distracting for the office; patterns are fun for date nights.

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The Product: Yes, you can skip the shapewear, but you still need to do dimple damage control. Massage Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super Intense XS firming serum ($38) on hips, butt and thighs to smooth lumps.

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The Move: Try the Bulgarian split squat to lift and round your rear. Stand with back to chair or bench, a weight in each hand. Step right leg forward; place top of left foot on chair. Bend knees and lower body until back knee hovers above floor (as shown). Straighten legs for one rep. Do 20 reps. Switch sides; repeat. Do two sets per side on alternate days.
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