This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Holiday Highlights

'Tis the season…to be fashionable? Looks like our ladies are getting seasonally sensational in some really outstanding looks this week.

2011 Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner

There's something very grown up about this whole look. Instead of being Rachel Zoe's dress up doll, here Anne looks very much like her own person. Not every red carpet is about making a statement. Sometimes, it's enough to just look pretty.


Why don't women wear more fuschia? It's a color that brightens your face and gives you a glow. The design of Emily's gown is simple so that it's all about the color. I'm also loving her new soft bob.

American Giving Awards Presented By Chase - Red Carpet

I usually don't include the very young 'uns but I thought Miley's look was so lovely that it deserved to be with the grown ups. This girl spends lots of time in cut off denim so this nude gown and major jewelry is a huge upgrade. I'm also loving the sleek hair and glowing makeup. She manages to be an adult version of herself.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures'

I love me some Rachel McAdams so any time she's on the red carpet, it's a treat. While I love her dramatic silver sequined gown, I wish she'd amped up her makeup a little more.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures'

First of all, how much do you have to tip the paparazzi to get this kind of shot? The hair blowing like it's a Mariah Carey video? Come on! But everything about Hilary's look works - the top of the dress could seem fussy but because of the length it's fun. The color is lovely and the heels are super cute.

2011 Unicef Ball - Arrivals

This is a lot of dress but I'm confused by the layers. If we didn't have the sheer section, then the dress, while pretty, would be too short. The layers add volume and are supposed to make this more appropriate but I find them distracting. The dress would have been just as great if it had been opaque all the way, with red heels peeking out.

This dress is a missed opportunity. Make the top strappy and keep the length - sexy. Keep the top and chop off a few feet - sexy. But covered up from head to toe, Jessica just looks dowdy. What's the point of having a great body if you're going to dress Amish?

Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum Launch Party

Can I just get this entire look? I adore everything about this dress - from the fit to the color. Claire keeps the fuss to a minimum, just going a little extra goth on the eyeliner. Looks like playing a crazy chick on Homeland agrees with her.

The 34th Kennedy Center Honors

I bet that if we looked up the White House archives, there'd be a picture of Jackie Kennedy in exactly this look. While it's a little odd (is she smuggling the kids under there?), I prefer this tribute to old world elegance over her edgy and over the top ensembles.

The Trevor Project's 2011 Trevor Live! - Arrivals

Normally, I feel like crocheted stuff belongs on your Grandma's couch but Zoe, fashionista extraordinaire, even manages to make that hot. I love the interplay of color here and the change in pattern. It's a fun, light look that doesn't remind anyone of Grandma's afghan.


Emma continues to dominate Young Hollywood with looks like these. I know she's a spokesperson for Lancome but that lipstick is hot. I'm also feelin the silver/blue tones of her dress which is princess-y without being Disney. Unfortunately, the dress says "Snow White" but the heels say "would you like a lap dance?"

Andrea Bocelli Launches The Andrea Bocelli Foundation

Why decorate a tree when you can trim yourself? Camilla's dress has a serious silhouette but a playful feel. I just wish she would have gone with a red belt or heels and loosened the updo.

American Giving Awards Presented By Chase - Red Carpet

When I saw Gabrielle's dress, I thought 'Chicago' but not in a costume-y way. There's something very modern and fun about it - from the feathery skirt (that doesn't get crazy) to the loose fitting top (love the sheer straps). It just feels easy and fresh. Who wouldn't want to find it under their tree?