What is sexy?

One of my favorite stories in Allure's July issue is called "The Laws of Attraction," an eye-opening take on what sexiness really is. As it turns out, being perceived as sexy has little to do with how you actually look-it's about your attitude, how you feel within your skin and how you own it. Like, some women feel their va-va-voomiest in a housecoat and bunny slippers, while some feel totally unsexy even when they're wearing a killer pair of three-inch heels and a curve-hugging new dress.

This got me thinking....

GQ's July issue calls Gisele "The Most Perfect Woman on the Planet." But does this supermodel-with the legs, the boobs, the hair, the sexy Brazilian accent, oh yes, and Tom Brady-sometimes feel not-so-hot?

Those of us who've met Gisele know that she exudes confidence, happiness and good vibes. She's the definition of sexy-she owns it.

When do YOU feel your sexiest?

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