What Kind Of Underwear Wearer Are You?

I happened to call my friend Iman in LA last night as she was running to the Only Hearts store to stock up on lingerie. Turns out it's something of a uniform for her-she swears by their Second Skins line and wears it daily ("pretty yet super-comfortable and totally disappears under whatever you have on" she says).

The sexiest lingerie looks right now.

She also acknowledged her compulsion for matching undergarments, a concept I find kind of fascinating, if only because I'm the complete opposite and have never coordinated undies a day in my life. To me it sounds like a lot of effort/extra laundry (does anyone really wash a bra after every wear?), though Iman's formula is this: for every one bra, she buys 4 pairs of underwear (3 boy shorts and 1 thong to be exact). Now I'm curious: what about the rest of you? Do you guys go the matchy-matchy lingerie route or are you content mixing things up?

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