What Men Think About the Way You Smell

From the uncensored opinions to men to scientific opinions of what turns dudes on, here's what guys are really paying attention to. Plus: Find out what hair and make-up trends they dig and browse the the strangest scents we've ever smelled.

Seduce Him with a Single Whiff

Researchers have found that there's a scent combo that drives guys crazier than any other: pumpkin pie and lavender. Pumpkin pie is a yummy aroma that drums up cozy feels, while lavender is a floral fragrance that induces total relaxation. When combined, the effect can increase blood flow to the penis by 40 percent! These tips (straight from guys) will help you keep up the sensual vibe.

The Right Spots for Scent

"A man's sense of smell is about 20 percent less keen than a woman's," says Alan Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. So if you want a guy to catch a whiff of your sexy fragrance (without spritzing on half the bottle), be smart about where you put it. Here are the scents beauty editors are loving right now. Dab a drop on earlobes, under the chin, along the neck, and on the collarbone. A roller-ball applicator makes it easy to target these key areas.

Putrid Polish

The smell that turns off approximately 52 percent of guys? Nail polish! You know it's not his favorite thing, but you might not know how much those fumes bother him. "I can't stand the smell. It gives me an instant headache," says Scott, 28. Plus, it's a beauty ritual that doesn't resonate with most males. Not that you gotta bag your bright nails on his account-just try not to whip out the polish when you're watching TV together (or at least crack a window!).

Great-Smelling Hair

"The phenomenal smell of a freshly shampooed hair-there's nothing better, says Ben, 22. "I'll walk by a girl and if her hair smells great, I'll break the ice by complimenting her on it." Science bears out this attraction: Studies show that an edible scent like vanilla get a guy's blood flowing. Got a perfume question? We tackle your top ­questions so you can maximize its beguiling and seductive power.

His Scent on You

Justin Timberlake once told Cosmo that it's hot when a girl wears a guy's scent. And sales show women are doing it. A few Cosmo staffers subbed cologne for their perfume then asked their guy to sniff. Result: The men liked the swap! In fact, most didn't believe the scent was truly made for men (the mix of our hormones makes cologne smell girlier on us). Find out which scents instantly seduce him.

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