What Not to Buy at Victoria’s Secret

Have you ever walked out of Victoria's Secret spending less than $100? With most of the bras starting at around $50, it's almost an impossible feat. Once you throw in a few pairs of underwear, a couple bottles of lotion, and some PINK sweatpants, you're pushing the two hundred mark. But is it worth it? Was that $200 well spent?

When navigating the racks at a specialty store, it can be difficult to determine whether its flagship item is truly worth the cost. And Victoria's Secret is no different. Yes, the bras are a staple in almost every woman's closet. And yes, the options are limited when buying lingerie, but when it comes to Victoria's Secret, there are definitely a few items worth skipping.

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We should first give credit where credit is due: Victoria's Secret can make an amazing bra. Some of their lines are truly transforming and many women even call them life changing. But the trick is determining which lines are worth the $50 and which should be left on the shelf.

Two lines are definitely worth the cash: Very Sexy® and Miraculous®. If Victoria's Secret knows anything, it's how to make a push-up bra. And these two lines won't disappoint.

But several other lines just simply aren't worth the money. Here, we review what not to buy at Victoria's Secret.

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1. BioFit® Collection
While unique looking, the BioFit collection isn't worth the $45 to $55 price tag that comes with it. It quite simply doesn't have the extra va-va-voom of the Miraculous or the appeal of Very Sexy. The collection feels run of the mill-which shouldn't cost $50.

2. Incredible by Victoria's Secret
The biggest perk of this $50 bra? Its underwire is cushioned to limit digging and pinching. But shouldn't that be the case for all bras?

3. Panties
Unless you're buying a matching lingerie set, it's a better investment to purchase your underwear elsewhere. With some panties priced at $20 a pair, it's simply not a good value-particularly when the panties aren't quite as high quality as the bras. Note: There is one exception to this rule-when Victoria's Secret puts select styles on sale for five for $25 or four for $20, grab as many as you can!

4. Bra Tops
Surprisingly, Victoria's Secret has a pretty decent clothing line. Their dresses are fun and flirty and their bathing suits are cute and well priced. But one piece we suggest avoiding is the bra top. The sizing is all over the place, the materials aren't super flattering, and the built-in bra barely holds up a B cup.

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Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.