What One Wardrobe Item Would You Bring To A Desert Island? Heidi Klum Chose...

By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

My friends and I have spent countless hours imagining the various things we'd bring to a deserted island, should we ever find ourselves playing modern-day versions of Ginger and Maryann (and um, with enough advanced notice to pack a suitcase): Just one meal every day? (Spaghetti and meatballs). One book? (The dictionary). But I've never considered the possibility of having just one wardrobe item...

Heidi Klum, however has. The supermodel is on the cover of the latest issue of Lucky, and inside they ask her all kinds of questions like, "If your husband was visiting you on a desert island, what would you wear?" I'd be inclined to say something practical-yet-sexy like a sarong, which can be tied a billion different ways to serve many different needs, and can also double as a fish net if the spaghetti and meatballs thing doesn't work out. But supermodels aren't like the rest of us, which is why Heidi's answer was this: "A pair of black Louboutins... and that's it!"

The thought of Heidi Klum galavanting around an island with her hot husband in her birthday suit and stilettos would be depressing, if it weren't so darn hot! What do you think, dolls? What would you wear on a desert island if your man were coming to visit? Do you think Heidi's answer is ridiculous, or kinda fun? Discuss!

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Photo Credit: WWD