What to Pack on Your Next Vacation

Do dire predictions of snow, blizzards, and more snow have you itching to hop on a plane headed to warmer climes? We couldn't agree more. Here's what you need to get you there in style:

Travel by Land Candle

Cover up stale hotel room air for about eight hours with Land by Land's pocketable Travel by Land candle in a scent like gardenia.

Available at artintheage.com, $12.

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Darphin Eye Serum
Altitude + cocktails (screw-top wine and sleeping pills) = eyes swollen shut. Darphin's potent serum tackles both puffiness and dark circles.

Available at bluemercury.com, $75.

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Product Pomade

All-natural shea butter- and aloe-rich Product pomade is also all purpose. Dab it on dry cuticles or use it to condition rough, chapped skin.

Available at store01.prostores.com, $14.

Baggu Zip Pouches
Crafty carryalls co. Baggu has added zip pouches to its collection so your makeup doesn't mingle with your unmentionables.

Available at baggubag.com, $8-$12.

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Jendarling Garment Bag

Finally a garment bag that doesn't look borrowed from dad: Jendarling's garment and shoe bags come in fashiony prints like ikat, stripes, and splatter paint.

Available at jendarlingbags.com, $124.

L.L. Bean Duffel
L.L. Bean's sturdy canvas duffel is an ideal carry-on. It's small enough to fit in the overhead and has a plethora of pockets and an adjustable strap.

Available at llbean.com, $59.

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Patch NYC Perfume
Freshen up without offending fellow passengers by dabbing Patch NYC's solid fragrance (a sweet mix of citrus, vetiver, nutmeg, and patchouli) on pulse points.

Available at soapandpaperfactory.com, $22.

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer

To spray or wipe away grit, grime, and other particles whose origins we're scared to think about, you need CleanWell's sanitizer pack.

Available at cleanwelltoday.com, $16.

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