What to wear to prom in a pandemic

Polka dots and sparkles!-
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 2:42 PM EDT
A new drug-resistant Superbug has been reported in three states. Believed to be coming from India, the disease is not reactive to antibiotics and is easily spread by hand-to-mouth contact. Doctors are already warning of a potential pandemic. And the CDC is advising isolation for patients showing symptoms.

But don't panic.

We've got these designer face-masks to wear if things get really bad. Not your standard white mesh medical mouth guards from the days of SARS (we were so young then!), these 'it' masks will turn any zombie apocalypse into a catwalk.

From the press release : "As a result of the alarming news, I would love to introduce Couture Brands™ and their launch of Fashion Face Masks, a N95 medical mask boasting stylish designs - shielding your family from infirmity and death."
Are we really there yet? Is it time to "own" our paranoia? Available with sparkly monogrammed initials and various prints, the company is particularly pushing for parents to buy the masks for their kids to wear to school-"a natural bacteria breeding ground." Because nobody will make fun of them if their fear-based accessory is covered in polka dots.

"Hey max, cool sparkles! Wanna join our football team?"