What to Wear to Score a Promotion

When you're in line for a job upgrade, bosses pay attention to everything-your attitude, your work ethic, and yep, your day-to-day look. So ditch the jeggings and follow these wardrobe pointers by Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper from their new book Be Your Own Best Publicist, and you'll be climbing up the ladder in no time.

By Gabrielle Frank

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1. Rely on the Basics

Stock your closet with six essentials: a fashionable black dress, a white button-down, dark-wash jeans, a black pencil skirt, a black blazer, and black pumps. They project a polished, pulled-together image, which bosses love, and can be easily accessorized so you rock different looks every day. Plus, having these on hand means you won't waste time standing in front of your closet in the a.m. freaking out over what to wear.

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2. ...But Show Off Your Own Style

You know the workplace requires you to tone down your usual vibe, but many women make the mistake of eradicating it all together, and they end up blending in with their coworkers and coming off as too stiff and business-like. Remember, the goal is to get noticed-so don't be afraid to showcase your personal style by wearing a statement necklace with a button-down and blazer, a conversation-starting vintage skirt paired with a neutral top, or colorful heels contrasted with a navy or black suit.

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3. When in Doubt, Cover Up

Most dress codes are fairly relaxed these days, but you're trying to show higher-ups that you're a team player who takes her work seriously, and that means taking on a conservative look. The rules: Hemlines should fall about knee-length, cleavage is always a no-no (forget even your most luxe plunging v-necks and scoops), and exposed skin should never happen. Unless you're going for a gig at Hooters.

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4. Stay Away From Fashion Fads

Jeggings are cool for Friday night, but Friday at work is a different story. Same with exposed zippers, clunky cocktail rings, and anything else you'd see on Ke$ha. Sure, they could be cubicle-friendly, but wait until after you've snagged your promotion to find out.

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