What’s the most you’d pay for a plain t-shirt?

Alexander Wang teeAlexander Wang teeFashion writer and New York Times "Critical Shopper" columnist Cintra Wilson loves herself an expensive t-shirt. At the recent opening of Alexander Wang's new boutique, she paid $80 for the one seen here (at left.) Ok, so maybe it's not 100% cotton, but as years go by, it seems more and more women can rationalize paying big bucks for what they consider the perfect fitting tee.

Wilson writes, "An $80 black rayon T-shirt should be a grotesque plutocratic sin. But when you put on one of Mr. Wang's, you realize: oh. This would be equally appropriate for work, bowling, lawn darts, gnocchi fights ... and it drapes well enough to be worn as rebellious evening wear. It connects dots you hadn't imagined were connectible before."

We may not be throwing pasta around (seriously?), but I kind of know what she's talking about. While I love a good 3-pack of plain white Hanes tees, I've tried and temporarily adored many pricier, more stylized brands, always on the quest for a better t-shirt. My latest love affair is with the Truly Madly Deeply tees at Urban Outfitters. They're $24 and the softest shirts I've ever felt. I know people always say that, but this time it's true. I bought grey and white and went back for two more in black and rose, and I don't regret it. But then again, I have four comfy, cozy tees, while Cintra Wilson has $80. I have a feeling hers may last longer, which are admittedly starting to pill a little after six months of wearing and washing. But I can't rationalize spending $80 on a t-shirt! Not even for spontaneous gnocchi fights.

What do you look for in a t-shirt, and what is the most you'd be willing to pay for the perfect tee?

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