What's Your Favorite Pair of Shoes Ever?

The other day, I was playing the "favorite" game with my coworker, Jane. She quickly fired off her favorite movie ("13 Going on 30"), her favorite book ("Little Women"), and her favorite word (lackadaisical). But when it came to her favorite shoes? Well, that took a lot longer.

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It wasn't because Jane doesn't care about shoes (she gets Zappos deliveries daily), but she had too many to choose from. Heels, flats, boots -- you name it, Jane has it. But she could only pick ONE pair (that's the rule!). Eventually, she settled on her black sparkly Toms because they "go with anything" and "they're super comfortable."

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This convo got us thinking about shoes, and the ones we love. (Carrie Bradshaw isn't the only woman who's infatuated with what's on her feet.) So, we reached out to our fave fashion bloggers and got them to tell us about their favorite shoes. Not only did we get some useful tips, but we also got tons of great photos, aka shoe porn.

Click here to see what shoes top fashion bloggers are raving about, or scroll down to see some of our faves.

Then, tell us: What's your favorite pair of shoes?

Elvis Inspired

"These heels are made by Jessica Simpson, and they cost me $80. I love them because of the electric blue color, which just pops with every outfit." -- Linh, Sara Plus Linh

Wear it yourself tip: Got a bright colored heel? Either keep it simple with a neutral, solid outfit or find a print that includes the color in the fabric.

Rebel Chic

"They're some of my favorite booties because they're super comfortable, and they give the perfect rocker touch to my outfits! I bought these boots through an online shop called Shoes World, and they cost 130 euros." -- Alexandra, Fashion Salade: Lovely Pepa

Wear it yourself tip: Love studded boots, but don't want to commit to an entire rocker look, like Alexandra? Tone it down with a dark skinny jean and a plain white tee.

Bloody Cute

"These shoes are Topshop Saffi Heels in Oxblood. I think they were around 60 pounds. I love them because of the color and the shape." -- Lorna, Raindrops of Sapphire

Wear it yourself tip: Mary-Jane's can look little girl if not done right. Here, Lorna ditches the traditional black shoe for a sophisticated burgundy, and pairs it with a matching blazer -- keeping it edgy and grown-up at the same time.

Reptile Love

"I was inspired by one of the Autumn/Winter 2011/12 fashion trends, the snake print. While shopping, these snake printed flats [from Zara Netherlands, 26 euros] caught my eye and I had to get them! Seriously, these flats make you feel comfortable and fab for the night or they can go with your everyday outfits." -- Valerie, It's like passion for PEANUT BUTTER

Wear it yourself tip: Even though these flats are in a bold snakeskin print, they have a great neutral palate and can work with a variety of colors and patterns.

Glitter Happy

"I'm wearing my new Jeffrey Campbell Glitter Litas. I got them as a present from my boyfriend for Christmas and haven't taken them off my feet since I got them! They were bought on Nastygal.com and I genuinely wanted a pair for so long. I chose the gold ones because I felt they would go with everything I wear. With postage and packaging to Ireland, they were about 100 euros. They are by far my favorite possession at the moment." -- Erika, Retro Flame

Wear it yourself tip: Erika proves that you can wear different textures at the same time as long as they're in the same color family. For example, her glittery shoes and her feathered capelet play off one another, instead of competing for attention, since they both have gold/yellow tones.

Prep Step

"My favorite shoe is a pair of really awesome oxfords that I thrifted for only $6! I had been on the hunt for a cute pair for a while and when I stumbled upon these beauties, I knew they had to be mine! I still can't believe my luck. I just adore them." -- Samantha, My Latest Obsession

Wear it yourself tip: Oxfords -- along with loafers, combat boots, and boyish sneakers -- tend to look masculine. Fem up your outfit with pastels or soft, flowing fabrics.

Sophisticated Shine

"This photo features my favorite Miu Miu pumps. I had been dreaming about the glittery Miu Miu heels and recently found them on sale at Bloomingdales in New York City for $280. They were a Christmas present to myself." -- Alicia, Cheetah is the New Black

Wear it yourself tip: When looking for a funky pump, don't dismiss the heel. The softly arched heels in these Miu Miu shoes add interest, and keep it from becoming another plain black pump.

Broken-In Boots

"They are Steve Madden and I bought them for $99.95. I love these boots because they are super comfy, perfectly worn, and add a little style to any outfit." -- Kelli, Kelli Murray

Wear it yourself tip: "I always wear these boots with a skinny pant or legging. Stay away from wide leg when it comes to wearing this style." -- Kelli

Shoe as Art

"My favorite shoes in my closet are my Casadei leopard print peep toe platform stilettos. They are sexy and extremely high, but not nearly as uncomfortable as they look. I was lucky enough to find them at a Gilt sale in the $350 price range. I'm not sure what their original price tag was, but they're worth every penny. I rarely wear them but keep them on display in my office/dressing room as art. They are beautiful to look at." -- Maegan, Love Maegan

Wear it yourself tip: Stick to only one (or two) leopard print items per outfit, otherwise you'll overwhelm the look. But, that doesn't mean the rest of your outfit has to be solid-colored fabrics. Learn how to mix and match prints the right way here.

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