What's the Most You Would Pay for a Pair of Shoes?

Confession time: Last week, I spent an entire paycheck on a new pair of boots. They're French, black, and make my legs look like Beyonce's. Crazy? Maybe a little, but I think a shoe binge once in a while can be healthy. But, for a little confirmation that I'm not nuts, I asked the other editors about their biggest shoe splurges:

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"About four years ago, when the government gave out 'stimulus checks,' I took the $600, went straight to Barney's, and bought a pair of Prada sandals I'd been eyeing. I had other expensive shoes, but always bought them on sale or with the help of a gift card, but these were full price -- and I didn't feel guilty about it. (Except maybe I should've picked an American designer!) They're still one of my favorite pairs of shoes." -- Dawn D.

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"I'm not a heel girl by any means, but when you live in New York City there are a few things that just about every fashionable lady needs: a fabulous purse and a killer pair of pumps. So for a year, I saved up for a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. I lucked out and ended up collecting a few Saks Fifth Avenue gift cards along the way. When I actually purchased the $600 pumps I was too afraid to scuff the red soles so to this day I've only worn them twice." -- Cinya B.

"About $100 is normally my max, but the most I've ever paid was $300 for a pair of Fly London boots. The boots on my feet at the time had holes in them and it was pouring rain. They were red with a gorgeous lining and totally worth the money. I still wear them every winter." -- Sharon Y.

Now be honest and tell me: How much would you pay for a pair of shoes? Leave you comment in the box below.

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