What's your clothing expiration date?

Recently on a trip to the beach, while my husband was working from the house, I went shopping. I wanted to pick up a sand dollar and a starfish for a craft project I am working on. The perfect place to purchase these items are in the tacky gift shop you normally avoid going into. I quickly made my way through the store searching for the items I needed, wondering aloud about some of the items for sale in the store. Do people actually decorate there home with pirate ashtrays, blue glass dolphins or picture frames that scream OBX? Do people actually need a coverup with the outline of curvy woman's figure or a towel with the confederate flag design on it?

With my sand dollar and starfish in hand, I was ready to escape this trap when my cell phone rang. It was my mother. As I spoke with her on the phone advising her against going for the crap camera or the imitation iPod for my oldest daughter's birthday, I wandered into the clothing section. Like a diamond in the rough situated in between loud T-shirts and shorts with Outer Banks posted on the butt, a dress! A cute dress at that. I had to try it on. After I tried it on, I had to buy it. I had to wear it. And I wore it... For three days, I lived in this dress until, maybe... it could stand on it's own? (No, not really.) I did wash it, but when it was ready to wear again, it found it's way back on my body.
Do you ever get away with wearing something more than one day? Like, you put it on at night and since you didn't go anywhere or see anyone you knew, you wear it again?

What's your clothing expiration date? You think it's gross to wear the same outfit twice?

(P.S. : I never post my pic on these things but I had to make sure you could see the dress. For a tourist trap shopping joint, I thought it was pretty cute.)