When “Twilight” merchandise goes too far: Robert Pattinson panties

Twitarded.comTwitarded.comThough we'll never fully understand the cult obsession with "Twilight" (we liked the "Harry Potter" books better), onwards it goes, yielding loads of merchandise and memorabilia. From the innocent posters and t-shirts, to the more fan-crazed fragrances, pendants, and sweatpants that say "Bite Me" on the bum, the market is flooded with "Twilight" items, and quite frankly, we're growing tired of it. But some people are too obsessed to be satisfied with a mouse pad that declares, "I can't live in a world Twitarded.comTwitarded.comwhere you don't exist," and so they are off making custom panties with Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen's face on them.

Seriously. A "Twilight" fan site aimed at an 18+ audience unveiled these custom panties, just in time for Halloween. A really nice extra touch--Cullen's mouth is sewn into the crotch of the undies. Ugh. Though they're not available for purchase (at least not yet), this is so inappropriate and wrong! It's one thing for youngsters to have a poster of the fictional vampire on their wall, but when adults start making undies to keep the vampire's face close to their lady bits, we're calling an official time out. Enough is enough.